WTF is Six Figures in Sweatpants?

A no-bullsh*t, practical guide to ditching the 9-to-5 grind and building the freelance career and life you want. Includes step-by-step advice for selecting a line of work, setting up a business, developing marketing materials, finding clients, making yourself stand out, and getting paid. Why? Because "real" jobs suck, and so do real pants.

Within the next 20 years, freelancing will be the norm. Get ahead of the curve and establish your hold on the market now. Whether you're unemployed or unhappily employed, Six Figures in Sweatpants can help you build a fulfilling, potentially lucrative career.

The best part? You'll be your own boss. You'll set your own hours. You'll work from home (in sweatpants, if that's your preferred style).

Six Figures in Sweatpants doesn't sugarcoat anything. Gans spells out the nitty gritty of starting a business, from deciding on an LLC vs. an S-Corp to the navigating the realities of earning an unstable income.

Say goodbye to your cubicle forever.

Quit your job.